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શોધો બ્લ્યૂ સ્ટાર ઇન્ફો કનેક્શન � Mar 14
ચેરમેનનું ભાષણ વર્ષ : Mar '15
Dear Shareholders,
 Fiscal 2015 was a year in which we further consolidated our long term
 strategy of enhancing focus on the selected growth of our addressed
 markets. We successfully reinforced the foundations towards becoming a
 solution-led, niche service provider and building innovative solutions.
 We devoted our energy to winning business from our existing strategic
 accounts that we believe can provide us with sufficient growth and
 profitability in the years ahead. While revenue growth was flat, we
 witnessed a satisfying upswing in profitability.
 * Our net profits grew 22%
 We made significant inroads into existing large accounts, our 
 million  accounts grew to 4 and  million  grew to 5, including a 
 million  account
 * Zinnov, the respected management consulting firm recognized us as a
 leader in the Outsourced Software Development segment
 * We won our first IP based order for Mobile Vacation Planner (MVP) from
 one of the world''s largest travel companies
 * We strengthened our relationship with one of our oldest customers, 
 Hewlett-Packard (HP), by helping them launch a cloud-based mobile 
 security and mobile device management application worldwide in record 
 In last year''s Annual Report we reported that we had consolidated our
 Application Development and Product Engineering practices as OPD  to
 help us cross-leverage our experience for enterprise and technology
 customers. We are happy to report that OPD  has achieved its
 highest-ever revenue, contributing 50% of the revenue and adding the
 highest number of total
 Travel and Hospitality (T&H) continued to show strong growth and became
 the largest contributor to the overall revenues amongst our verticals.
 Our solutions in theT&Hspace have enabled us to deliver real value to
 our clients. Impressed by our capabilities in this area, one of the
 world''s largest travel services providers chose to partner with us
 ahead of some leading global technology brands.
 To further strengthen the company''s position, we are investing in
 new-age solutions. We have set up an Indoor Tracking Technology Lab in
 the US. We are also launching a new practice for the Travel &
 Hospitality technoloy segment.
 Despite a challenging macro-economic environment, we continue to
 witness strong demand for technology led solutions, especially digital
 technology. In this fast changing global landscape, organizations today
 seek technology partners who can help them stay relevant. Our strategy
 to become a solution focused player through investing in new age
 technologies and building solutions is helping us in our growth path.
 Our in-house developed solutions, such as Mobile Vacation Planner and
 The US continues to be our key market contributing 45% of the revenue,
 with Europe at 10%. Our revenues from Rest of the World (RoW) continued
 to see strong growth, more than twice the industry average. RoW
 contributed 45% of the revenue for FY2013-14.
 During the year we continued to invest heavily in our people, processes
 and technology. We added fresh talent, re-skilled existing talent
 through a mix of training and co-curricular activities and reinforced
 our client engagement process. At an organizational
 levelwefurtheralignedoursales,deliveryandoperationsto improve
 In line with our principle of providing high touch service to our
 clients, our project teams are now backed by a management committee
 consisting of seven senior leaders. The members periodically engage in
 a high level interaction with the business users and senior technology
 team members at the client organization to enhance customer
 satisfaction with project progress and quality. Our strategic decision
 to create an OOO (Onsite, onshore,offshore)offering continued to appeal
 our clients. Inline with our expectation, we saw a few of our accounts
 doubling and tripling during the fiscal.
 To differentiate ourselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace
 and to bring more value to our clients, we added a critical position,
 Solution Architect, in each of our strategic accounts. A Solution
 Architect brings with him multifaceted expertise that enables us to
 understand a client''s IT infrastructure holistically. He helps our
 client identify and implement appropriate transformational technologies
 to significantly enhance their competitive advantage and organizational
 productivity. A Solution Architect also creates opportunities for the
 company through account mining for existing clients, and byactively
 participating in presales activities in order to convert prospective
 This year we took a small step towards building a better environment.
 We teamed up with an NGO and planted more than 2000 trees at the
 periphery of Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary near Udaipur, Rajasthan. The trees
 were planted in honor of our clients, partners and well-wishers. This
 gesture was well appreciated by our clients and we received a huge
 positive response.
 We foresee traction in demand particularly in digital technologies, and
 are of the firm view that, going forward, the overall outsourcing
 sentiment will remain positive, particularly in areas which are our
 primary focus, namely Travel and Hospitality, Manufacturing, Healthcare
 and the Hi-tech segment. According to NASSCOM, the future of the global
 technology industry will increasingly be shaped by digital forces. Your
 company is strongly positioned to partner with clients in their digital
 transformation journey and enable their success in this digital era.
 We would like to thank all of our employees whose dedication and
 focused approach has facilitated us in moving closer to our strategic
 objectives. We would also like to thank all our clients who have
 supported us, shown confidence in our capabilities and trusted us over
 and above other large service providers in the industry. Lastly, we
 thank our shareholders for having confidence in the management''s
 We have strengthened our base during the current fiscal year and will
 be growing towards becoming a leading service provider.
 Suneel Advani
 Chairman and Managing Director
 Place: Mumbai 
 Date: 06 June 2015
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